ALTCINE – Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF)


Introducing our custom Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF), specially crafted for the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Original and Pocket Cinema Camera Original. Designed to elevate your filmmaking experience the Filter is designed to enhance image quality by reducing artifacts such as moiré patterns and false colors that can sometimes occur during image capture. It achieves this by strategically filtering out high-frequency details in the image, which are often the cause of these unwanted visual distortions. We ensure that it maintains optimal sharpness and clarity while effectively minimizing these artifacts. The result? More accurate images with improved overall quality and color profile.


1x Optical Low Pass filter
1x Mount Shim
1x Contact Pin Shim


This filter is specifically designed to work with 0.71x Speedboosters and native MFT lenses. It is not compatible with the 0.58x Speedboosters, and the 0.64x version has not been tested.

Carefully follow our Installation Guide!
Use gloves when handling the filter!
Do not clean the filter with alcohol, only use Sensor cleaning swabs.

We are not responsible for any damage on your camera or filter.

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