Eclipse Cinema Camera V1

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Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Original
Super 16 Fairchild sensor (1080p)
Custom ALTCINE Optical Low Pass filter
4.3 inch 1000nits Display

Custom designed Cube shaped body for easier rigging and
increased durability
Removable Vents for cleaning
Removable side panels
Industry standard mounting options
Built on Arri RosetteNew layout for buttons with 2 REC button options

– Full Size HDMI Out
– 2x SDI Out
– 3.5mm Microphone In
– Full size XLR Microphone In
– Full size TRS Microphone In
– 3.5mm Headphone Out
– SMA with 90 degree angled
adapter and Antena for REC remote reciever
– SMA Trough (To use the Antena for any other accessory)
– 8 Pin Pogo connection on top for custom Accessories
– 12V DC In
– REF In
– Analog Servo Ch.1
– USB-C 5V Out


1 review for Eclipse Cinema Camera V1

  1. Juss

    Hello regards from Miami Florida!!
    This isnt a review but i just wanna say , i am impressed asf with the work you guys do!! Please keep innovation and passion alivee guys. What yall do really changes the Cinegame!!! Loveee 🥂

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