BMMCC Expansion Pack


Introducing the newest Alt Cine & Filmatura collab, the Expansion Pack!

Expand the possibilities of your micro cinema camera.
Our rear expansion pack is designed to improve handheld shooting with it’s larger surface area.

Mount mics, wireless transmittersSSD drives and much more without the need for an expensive cage.

The expansion pack will allow the use of NPF & V-mount plates for longer run time and can be dismantled in 1 second for studio, car or drone use.

With a built-in tension adjust mechanism, there is no need to worry about slighty different LP-E6 Battery sizes/tolerances, allowing adjustment of the “tightness” on the connection.

You can buy the different cosmetic ModPlates here:
3D Printed
Laser Engraved


8x Additional 1/4″-20 Mounts all around
Quick Detach System
Tension Adjust Mechanism
Removable Top Cold Shoe
Modular Mod Plates
Light Weight


1x Expansion Pack Body
1x ColdShoe TopDek
2x 1/4″-20 Bolts
2x Button
2x Side ModPlates Alt Cine Logo
2x Side ModPlates Filmatura Logo



Do not overtighten the inserts.
Because of their nature,  all 1/4″ inserts require care when tightening, overtightening can damage the Expansion Pack

We are not responsible for any damage on your camera, batteries or accessories.


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